One Day at a Time

If the last couple of weeks have taught us anything, it's that things can literally change on a dime. We are living in strange and challenging times to say the least, however, I believe if we look at the bigger picture there is beauty that can be found. 

The normal from a few weeks ago seems very removed from today. I sit in an empty store, with the door locked, working steadily to find new ways to conduct business. We, like so many other small businesses, are simply not set up to be solely online or closed for weeks at a time, much less an indefinite amount of time.  But today as I sit and reflect on what has transpired, I can truly say that I am thankful.  Today I am thankful for the support this community shows for each other.  I'm thankful to live a country where I can support my family as an entrepreneur.  I am thankful for the relationships built within our small business and how each one adds a facet of beauty to our lives. 

It's inspiring and encouraging during these times of quarantining and social distancing to see people from all walks of life advocate, serve, and encourage each other.  We may not be able to gather together here, in schools, churches, or otherwise, but we are learning new ways to connect.  We are learning creative ways to live and maybe, just maybe, we are really learning to appreciate and be thankful for what we have.  

This website has been something I have longed to create for many years but there were  always many roadblocks in the way.  Today, during this unprecedented time, I was able to charge through  all the roadblocks and find a new hat- my website maker hat!  Granted, I am no photographer, web designer, or graphic designer.  I am many things but these things definitely don't come completely natural for me.  But desperate times call for extraordinary measures! Being an entrepreneur is the willingness to wear many hats at any given time.  So today I am thankful for a platform to be able to share our store with you online!  I'm thankful for those who have rushed to support and encourage us during this time.  Your support and friendship is always appreciated but never more than right now. 

I want to encourage you today that you are not alone.  Whatever challenges you are facing now, just take them one day at a time.  Sometimes we have to simply figure out how to put one foot in front of the other even when the rest of the way seem unclear.  Just take one step at a time. 

I also want to challenge you to reach out to two people today! If we all encourage just two people with a call, text, email, dm, or even snail mail we will make this time of social distancing the most connected we've ever been!  I know how much a word of encouragement helps boost my spirits.  Let's be that for each other today!

Finally, we may be a gift store, but for me this place is much more than that.  It is a place to connect, encourage, and inspire. If you are reading this and need a listening ear, a friend, some help,  encouragement, or otherwise please reach out!   


Take Care Friends!  


Joanna Tinker