Great-Hearted: Grieving Well by Janet Lindsey

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"When Janet's life suddenly and tragically changed, extreme grief proved more than bearable.  She wanted to hide from it, escape it somehow- anything but endure the anguish of heart and soul!

What do we do now? How do we live? Will we survive another day, another hour, the next moment?

This is a Bible suit on grieving courageously.  The author's desire is to help a hurting heart in this process of confusion, hurt, and pain.  She has learned that God will not waste our grief!  Sorrow is meant to draw us closer to the One who can use is for His glory and to help others in their adversity.  


Janet Lindsey is a passionate author intent on helping others in their grief.  She knows that the pages of Scripture and pouring our hearts out to God are where comfort and strength will come.  She has met many hurting people who need to be encouraged to keep the faith.  Janet offers hope in what can sometime seem like hopeless circumstances.  Her writing is a message to those who seek solace and purpose through afflictions. Janet is author of Peeing Through A Mist, and Therefore, Hope, both of which she shares her journey in grief and loss and God's amazing grace.  

Janet and her husband Ed, host a mega fishing tournament each summer in memory of their son.  With upwards of 200 boats, the have opportunities to minister to others and give back worthy organizations, most of which are involved in search and rescue."