Memory Book

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Record the memories that matter most with this all-in-one guided journal & scrapbook.  

The journal pages have enough space to write a quick line or two about the day.  Whenever you want to add a memory entry, simply flip to that day, fill in the year, and write about what happened that day or how you're feeling.  This is a wonderful way to:  

-record a big event or milestone

- check in on growth or progress

-record a trip or vacation

-leave a peek of daily life

The scrapbook pages are labeled "Just look at the memories we've made." These pages are totally flexible for anything that doesn't fit in the daily entries.  It's perfect for photos, tickets, memorabilia, postcards, fun facts, and quotes or reviews.

There are several of these sections spread throughout the book.  Either fill up the pages one-by-one or add scraps chronologically.  

This memory book is the perfect way to keep all your memories in one place.  As the book fills up, it'll be really special to be abel to look back one, two, or five years. 

Format | Linen wrapped cover, gold foil accent
Interior | 208 pages, 5 years of daily entries, quarterly blank pages for photos
Size | 6" x 8"